Updating the Outdated Round 2

Well, it's time for an another round of

"Updating the Outdated."

My husband and I graciously accepted any furniture hand-me-downs from our

parents and grandparents when we first got married.

I received my grandmother's sofa bed,

(do they make those anymore?)

and I covered it in a white and cream cut-velvet.


This fabric was neutral enough to carry us this far, and now my mother has requested it back!

It is actually a beautiful fabric, and it was the perfect backdrop for my changing pillow tastes.

I was able to recover some club chairs in a silk stripe, and they served us well for almost 12 years.

They took a beating from the sun in our old house and our new house,

as they were placed in front of windows in both living rooms.

It is amazing how much the sun can fade your fabrics!


Just ignore the man-eating plant behind the chair that my husband named "Judith" after my mother

when she tried to throw it out one day.

She goes by "Judy" by the way, so this has become a wonderful joke.

I am happy to say, that Judith is still very much alive today after 12 years together, and many years before that.

I think she came with our Brady-Bunch house.

Moving on.

This was the loveseat that matched…


We also had an oval glass coffee table that weighed a thousand pounds.

It did not make the move too well and shattered.


That was a sign.

I found a fabulous table at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta

made out of a hand-carved French panel.

I scooped it up because I was already planning a


with "cooler" tones in our new home.  I loved that it was unique,

and I loved the patina.

Here are a few sneak peeks of what's to come…

White Sloop Chairs

White Chair Leg

French Sofa Leg

Table & Zebra

French Panel

Yellow Chair & Acrylic Tables

Stay tuned!



Posted on October 16, 2014 in Home

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