Tommy Mitchell

"Do you see what I see?"



"That's insane."

My mother and I stumbled upon the incredibly talented Tommy Mitchell and his showroom at the

Atlanta Market in January.

The first piece that caught my eye was a table with gold leaf butterflies under an acrylic box.  It was perfect.

I had to go in and see this amazing artwork, but everywhere I turned, I saw something that I could not live without.

The most delicate gold leaf orchids protected under chic acrylic boxes hung as a collection that I envisioned in my home…I mean, my clients' homes.

Light fixtures with dancing butterflies, coffee tables with medallions looking up at me in gold leaf, gingko leaves in silver leaf beckoning me, feathers, oh feathers!  One of my favorite design motifs.

Tommy introduced himself, as we tried to close our mouths and compose ourselves.  He told us about his design process and history of creating and experimenting with different metals and finishes.  The background colors can be custom, completely changing the look of his pieces, whether its his hand-painted vegetables, flowers or other patterns.  His collection includes lighting, furniture, decoration for the wall, and decorative flower pieces.

Each piece is handmade, dated and signed by Tommy.

Let's fast forward to my 40th Birthday, where my parents surprised me with the gold leaf table!  They worked with Tommy and moved mountains, because, as my mother said, "It's a butterfly thing."

I'm sure many of you have your "thing" that reminds you of or connects you with certain loved ones.

Tommy and his team were a dream, and I cannot wait to work with them again in the future, placing his works of art in my clients' homes.

Tommy Mitchell

Orange Butterfly Table

Lily of the Valley

White Flowers Black Background

 Gold Medallion PendantGold Coffee Table

White Flowers, Gold Background

Go see his full collection at

And upon receiving my table...

Butterfly Table Reaction

Butterfly Table & Moi

I think my expression speaks for itself.

It's a Butterfly Thing!!


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