The Real Deal

Would you do anything crazy that required you to


and get out of your comfort zone?

What if your friend asked you to do it?

What if your friend had cancer?

In short weeks, I will be doing just that.

I will be participating in

Dancing With the Spartanburg Stars on March 27th

which benefits our amazing Cancer Association.

Am I a "Star?"


Would I do this for a friend?

Apparently Yes.

Am I working my tail off?

Undoubtedly Yes.

And I'm Scared.

But I love her.


My partner, Chase, and I are having a ball but have challenged ourselves WAY

out of our comfort zone.  I decided that if I am going to do this, why take the easy way out?

I'll probably regret that.

Dance Rehearsal 3

Dance Rehearsal 2

Louise & Chase

(notice that you can't see my face in any of these pics?)  Per plan.

Please consider a donation if you feel so moved for only $10 a vote (or more!).

It benefits our wonderful Cancer Association so that it can

provide the basic necessities for those who don't have them (vitamins, supplements, wigs).

It could be us tomorrow.

A donation in the form of a prayer is equally appreciated for my friend and for me!

or our direct link:

Thank you SO much for your support and friendship.

Here we GO!!!!!



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