The day is here!! It’s finally here!!

The day is here!!  It's finally here!! After many months of redesigning my logo with the talented Lisa Jones Atkins and working with the wonderful team at Allegra, my site is up and running!  I am thrilled to have all of my design work in one place.  It's exciting, fulfilling and scary all at once, but I am up for the challenge. My Portfolio will show photos of past interior design work.  The Raves and Faves section will serve as my "shout out" to things that have influenced my senses lately - what I'm seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling.  My Blog and Visual Journal will be a place to share some of my insight as a designer, as well as a place of  inspiration from other talented folks.  And don't forget to check out my Original Art section, as I will be adding much more work in the near future! Welcome and thank you for visiting me!!

Posted on February 28, 2014 in Journal

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