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Green with Envy

St. Patricks Day is coming up and the Savannah Girl in me is coming out! I’m Green With Envy over these inspiring goodies for the home. Enjoy!!

gray, stripes, polka dots

Stripes or Dots??

A few months ago, I was talking with my sister-in-law and we agreed that “You” are either a STRIPE or a DOT. Period. We were mostly talking about fashion, but it could mean so much more. You can certainly like both, which I do, but you most definitely lean towards one side more than the…

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pink, orange

because I’m happy

        Spring is HERE, and I am craving these bright and HAPPY COLORS!! How fabulous is that pink chair? And, that orange shagreen cuff is a MUST for the summer. And, I’m sure that I would take up running if I had those tennies (maybe)… What colors are you craving for Spring??…

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