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Tommy Mitchell

“Do you see what I see?” “Uh-huh.” Silence. “That’s insane.” My mother and I stumbled upon the incredibly talented Tommy Mitchell and his showroom at the Atlanta Market in January. The first piece that caught my eye was a table with gold leaf butterflies under an acrylic box.  It was perfect. I had to go…

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Jack Leigh, photographer

The Art of the Oyster

Having just returned from visiting my family in Bluffton, SC over Mother’s Day weekend, I was reminded of how much I love oysters and the Low Country.  During the fall, winter and early spring months (months with an “R!”), you can truly find the most amazing oysters there.  Some of my favorite memories from growing…

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pink, orange

because I’m happy

        Spring is HERE, and I am craving these bright and HAPPY COLORS!! How fabulous is that pink chair? And, that orange shagreen cuff is a MUST for the summer. And, I’m sure that I would take up running if I had those tennies (maybe)… What colors are you craving for Spring??…

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