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Tommy Mitchell

“Do you see what I see?” “Uh-huh.” Silence. “That’s insane.” My mother and I stumbled upon the incredibly talented Tommy Mitchell and his showroom at the Atlanta Market in January. The first piece that caught my eye was a table with gold leaf butterflies under an acrylic box. ┬áIt was perfect. I had to go…

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Updating the Outdated Round 2

Well, it’s time for an another round of “Updating the Outdated.” My husband and I graciously accepted any furniture hand-me-downs from our parents and grandparents when we first got married. I received my grandmother’s sofa bed, (do they make those anymore?) and I covered it in a white and cream cut-velvet. This fabric was neutral…

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marble avenues

I fell in love with marbleized papers when I had the opportunity to study in Italy one semester. I bought sheets of Florentine paper with the plan of using them to mat some beautiful watercolor bird prints. That never happened. I guess when I returned to college life, a more “social schedule” prevailed. In searching…

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pink, orange

because I’m happy

        Spring is HERE, and I am craving these bright and HAPPY COLORS!! How fabulous is that pink chair? And, that orange shagreen cuff is a MUST for the summer. And, I’m sure that I would take up running if I had those tennies (maybe)… What colors are you craving for Spring??…

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