selenite powers

I first fell in love with SELENITE when I had the opportunity to tour SCAD's president,

Paula Wallace's incredible home when she graciously opened it up for a tour.

I came home and immediately ordered a box of it, not knowing what to do with it.

selenite stack

Now, that it is everywhere, I am learning more about its benefits,

apart from its Ethereal Beauty.

selenite logs

selenite light

selenite crystals

desert rose selenite

Selenite is considered the "Stone of Mental Clarity."

Having three boys…Yes Please!!

It is also a Healing Crystal, thought to

"bring light down from higher realms into the physical body."

It clears the mind while cleansing negative energy.

I don't know about you, but I think everyone could benefit from something that could cleanse the negative energy

that we have about ourselves or about others.

Apparently, you can access past lives (Huh?)

and is has psychic benefits (that could be fun).

But I think I am going to focus on the beauty of this stone and hope to gain

Harmony and Inner Peace.

Posted on August 28, 2014 in Home

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