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Kantha Beauties

My new Design Obsession is the colorful design of the Kantha Blanket. These beauties are created by stitching together and reusing vintage cotton saris from Bengal, India. They are gorgeous folded at the end of a bed or thrown across a sofa for an added “boho” feel with perfect shots of color. Definitely a conversation…

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marble avenues

I fell in love with marbleized papers when I had the opportunity to study in Italy one semester. I bought sheets of Florentine paper with the plan of using them to mat some beautiful watercolor bird prints. That never happened. I guess when I returned to college life, a more “social schedule” prevailed. In searching…

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gray, stripes, polka dots

Stripes or Dots??

A few months ago, I was talking with my sister-in-law and we agreed that “You” are either a STRIPE or a DOT. Period. We were mostly talking about fashion, but it could mean so much more. You can certainly like both, which I do, but you most definitely lean towards one side more than the…

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Chain Face, Sculpture

Back on the Chain Gang

One of my favorite patterns is a CHAIN. It can be LUXURIOUS (think Chanel), INDUSTRIAL & PURPOSEFUL ARTISTIC (who knew?) Or just a great PATTERN for INTERIOR DESIGN Regardless, the CHAIN is beautiful and usually goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. What do you think? Thanks for dropping by. XO, Louise

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